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Eco Grants

Eco Grants

Are you living in Fuel Poverty?

In 2019 it was recorded that 3.18 million households in England were living in fuel poverty.

Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics LILEE Report 2021 (2019 data) (

National Energy Action, which campaigns to end fuel poverty, estimates 10,000 people per year lose their lives from health conditions arising or worsening from having a cold home.

Fuel poverty charity National Energy Action calls for more urgent action to end fuel poverty

A cold home impacts everyone, the young, the old, the healthy, and those with underlying health issues. The UK Government realises this and is currently running a scheme to help reduce fuel poverty while tackling the UK carbon footprint and global warming.

The scheme, Energy Company Obligation (ECO) was initially launched in 2013 under ECO 1. We are currently working under  ECO 4 which will run until 2026.

Under ECO, qualifying households are eligible to have energy saving measures fitted into their homes to help hold heat in, and reduce the amount of money spent on heating their homes.

Most of these measures are free to qualifying households. However, in some instances, households could be asked to contribute towards the work as the grants available might not fully cover the costs of the installation.

Ecogee currently has to over £30M of grants directly funded through some of the major utility providers such as Scottish Power and SSE/OVO Energy, for homes across Liverpool and the North West.

These grants are available to qualifying households (in receipt of certain benefits) and those households that qualify under their Local Authority Flexibility Scheme. Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council operate such a scheme (Other local authorities operate similar schemes) and the details as to who and how you qualify can be found on their website: Energy Company Obligation Flexible Eligibility |

Typical measures currently being installed under ECO are:

  • First Time Central Heating.
  • Installing a new A rated Gas Boiler.
  • Loft insulation.
  • Cavity Wall insulation.
  • Under Floor Insulation.
  • External and internal wall insulation.
  • Room In Roof Insulation.

Please click on this link to see what qualifying benefits are required, complete your details and one of Ecogee ECO team will be in contact with you within the next two working days. In the event you do not see your qualifying benefit listed please use the contact form below to contact the Ecogee ECO team.