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Client Conversations: Ashley Hulse

Client Conversations

Homeowner Ashley Hulse, ‘External Wall Insulation’ as part of the Green Homes Grant project.

How did you initially hear about/make contact with Ecogee?

During lockdown I had heard about the government initiative for the Green Homes Grant through the news and I really liked the fact that it not only helped people with their housing, but it supported businesses in providing more work for tradesmen. I decided to apply, and it was a great decision.

After applying for the scheme, I found Ecogee online and contacted the team. They were one of the only companies taking part in the scheme locally who were able to take on the work at that time due to many other businesses having to lay off staff as a result of Covid restrictions.

The value of the work that was undertaken was around £9,000 and my vouchers from the scheme covered all of that expense, up to £10,000 worth of work. Since having the work done, I can really tell the difference. At the moment, it’s cold outside and normally we would need the heating on, even during the summer months, but instead we’ve still got the windows open.

How did you find the service and would you recommend Ecogee to others?

Right the way through the process the service was great. Any issues that we did have, mainly due to availability of materials which was out of the team’s hands, were overcome very quickly. Throughout, Ecogee kept us updated as to what was going on.

I would absolutely recommend Ecogee to anyone looking to get work like this completed on their property. I could tell the quality of their work in the small details. They were there to do a big job, but if it was little things like rectifying issues caused by an outsourced plumber; they quickly appointed their own recommended tradespeople to get things resolved effectively. While they were at the property, they assisted with small jobs that were nothing to do with them, like fixing the flush on the toilet.

We had an electrician come to the property to reinstall the satellite dish as part of the overall works and he went out of his way to put my washing line back up and other gestures that really make a difference.

I was more than happy with the service and throughout they cleaned up after themselves and even offered to clear mess left by a construction team working on another neighbouring property.

What was involved in the work itself?

The job itself was a big one that required a whole operation and team behind it. They had people come in to erect scaffolding, disable things like electrics and a gas fitter was brought in to remove the flue from the combi-boiler while work was taking place. There were a lot of people involved before we even got to the insulation and rendering stage.

Despite it being such a big job, when the team were on site they were very quick. The joiners fitted the external wall insulation over two days and that was followed by a couple more days to complete the rendering works once the materials had arrived. To complete everything, Ecogee had around five people working to get the final works done within the day.

What encouraged you to apply to the scheme?

I think the scheme should be rolled out wider and made more available. The reason I initially went for it was because I needed repairs to my back exterior wall which was showing cracks. I was made up that the scheme allowed me to fix this and so much more and I would get a Government grant towards it.

The scheme is also brilliant at supporting businesses and tradespeople to stay in work during a difficult year and the restrictions we all faced it meant a lot of building work has been put on hold.
A lot of residents can’t afford this kind of work ordinarily and the scheme makes such a huge difference to people like me, a family man with four children. It wouldn’t have happened if the scheme hadn’t been available to us. Having said that, for the amount of work and the quality of work, the bill was reasonable and reflective of what the team at Ecogee did.

The work also comes with a 10-year guarantee issued by Wetherby Building Systems. The brickwork is tested to see if its strong enough to hold and once it has passed, a guarantee is issued which give you piece of mind and leaves you safe in the knowledge that although it’s a big job, its one that will stand the test of time.

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