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Getting Winter Ready with Ecogee

Energy regulator Ofgem confirmed gas and electricity prices are set to increase this autumn, to the tune of £153 for 15 million customers across the UK.

Due to a rise in global fossil fuel prices, energy suppliers are set to charge the maximum rates to customers on both standard and prepayment tariffs.

Those who use prepayment meters will see an increase of £153 from £1,156 to £1,309 and customers on standard default rates will rise £139 from £1,138 to £1,277.

Added to the £96 rise which was announced in April 2021, the increase equates to £235 in a year.

Stephen Murray, energy expert at MoneySuperMarket told The Mirror: “Cost wise, it’s equivalent to boiling a kettle for 555 hours straight. Worse still it comes into effect on 1st October, as many of us turn our heating back on for the colder months.”

As the furlough scheme winds down and Universal Credit uplifts are rumoured to be ending, the energy price hike comes at a difficult time for millions of customers.

Added to the extra costs for those working from home, there’s never been a more pivotal time to check your energy tariff and find out what additional help is available.

In 2018 it was recorded that 2.4 million households in the UK were living in fuel poverty. As energy suppliers increase prices to claw back losses due to COVID, the result could mean a huge rise in the number of households falling below the minimum energy standards.

A cold home impacts on everyone – the young, the old, the healthy and those with underlying health issues.

Winter 2021 will highlight the impact of fuel poverty more than ever as we prepare for the onset of annual flu cases, possible COVID booster vaccinations, and rising periods of extreme weather.

The UK government recognises this and is currently running a scheme to help reduce fuel poverty and at the same time tackle the UK carbon footprint and global warming. Help is on hand to make improvements to your home, but do you know exactly what help is available?

Ecogee can help you get winter ready and energy efficient.

Ecogee currently has more than £5m funding available over the next 12 months that can be spent on improving homes in Liverpool and across the North West.

Improvements such as: First time central heating, installing a new A-rated gas boiler, loft, cavity wall, under floor and external wall insulation, plus much more.

Granted through The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme launched in 2013, Ecogee is currently installing energy saving measures in both domestic and commercial properties and will continue to work with ECO scheme funding until 2026.

Under ECO, qualifying households are eligible to have energy saving measures fitted in their homes to help contain more heat and reduce the amount of money they spend on gas and electricity.

Business Development Director at Ecogee Denis Hennigan said: “Millions of people are now facing the reality of not being able to properly heat their homes this winter, a truly scary prospect after 16 months of lockdowns, furlough and job losses.

“Ecogee is committed to ensuring we reach as many people as possible to help improve their homes with financial support from energy saving grants. We believe everyone should have a warm home.

“Our services and home improvements can help to take the sting out of energy bills at a time when we are all feeling the effects of the pandemic.”

To find out if your home is eligible for an ECO grant and a full list of energy saving services from Ecogee, go to